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SUGARWICK created B2B events to engage AT&T's C-suite clientele

A Taste of Technology


THE ASK: Strengthen relationships with high-level executives often jaded by traditional networking events.

THE ANSWER: Exclusive B2B events that underscored AT&T’s progressive nature and ignited business development in a unique social context.

SUGARWICK collaborated with the nation’s finest molecular gastronomists and mixologists to
create multi-sensory, interactive epicurean events; a cutting-edge fusion of the AT&T brand with science and haute cuisine that served up culinary alchemy and triggered feasts of conversation. 

Guests were immersed in innovative techniques including edible menus, class-IV lasers, and solidified cocktails. These revolutionary approaches to cuisine served as powerful manifestations of AT&T’s brand pillars and left guests with a closer connection to the company.

THE OUTCOME: The Molecular Mavericks program opened palates and minds and showed that pushing the boundaries of technology is at the top of AT&T’s menu. Events exceeded attendance and acquisition goals in every market and also earned a prestigious Silver Ex Award.

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